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What Actions to Take When Your Tiles Become an Embarrassment To You?

Hello readers, and welcome to the blog spot of A-Maid-Zing. Today, we will focus on a topic which many of you would like to know more about — mold and mildew cleaning. Here is a bit of extra information our apartment cleaning specialists in Beverly Hills, CA have prepared for you:

  • Two children resting– Mold damage is an offshoot of water damage with high levels of humidity. Known to be a fungus that makes organic matter decay, mold may appear like drywall and wood.
  • – In some cases, discoloration and a musty odor are telltale signs of mold. 
  • – Because mold thrives in moist conditions, it is vital to remove water and moisture as soon as possible. This is important because mold can be hazardous to your health, as well as the health of your family and it can grow in less than 48 hours.

When people have water and mold damage, they need help from a professional apartment cleaning service provider to treat the problem with special chemicals. It is important to find the water source causing the mold to grow, and it is best not to start cleaning until an evaluation has been done. To be on the safe side, we recommend you to call (310) 504-2238 and stay away from the moldy space. Our water and mold damage cleaning technicians should arrive only a few hours after your call and start treating the problem. If you want to know more about mold and mildew problems, contact our office now and speak to one of our customer care representatives. We guarantee that all of your questions will be answered!

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