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When you need a professional cleaning contractor, consider hiring A-Maid-Zing! We can help you have a gorgeous clean home! Your kids and pets will love our house cleaning services!
Do you need an outstanding janitorial service? A-Maid-Zing can provide you with the utmost quality janitorial cleaning service in Beverly Hills.
Add more attractiveness to your office! Hire a professional office cleaning company to clean your premises for you!

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Top Quality House Cleaning Service for You in Beverly Hills

So you need professional cleaning for your home. No problem, A-Maid-Zing is the right choice for you!

We are a Beverly Hills, CA based house cleaning company, but we provide our services also in all the surrounding areas. vacuumingWe have been in this business since 1997, and our experience has taught us many essential truths. For example, we understand that in order for our business to grow, we need to provide not only extraordinary house cleaning service, but also demonstrate great attitude. That way our customers will always choose our company in the future.

In the interest of full commitment to our customers, here at A-Maid-Zing, we provide our house cleaning service at competitive prices. Furthermore, we even give discounts. We also accept many kinds of payment methods like Visa, MC, AMEX, DC and CHECKS.

Here is a list with some of our services:

  • 1)General services are standard maid service on mostly exterior surfaces.

ALL ROOMS: Take down, and clean light fixtures and air vents. Special attention to all “dust bunnies” hiding in overlooked nooks and crannies. Baseboards and wall washing available as requested
KITCHEN: Clean appliance exteriors, counterstops, sinks, cabinet exteriors, tables and chairs
BATHROOMS: Clean, sanitize and deodorize shower and bathtub, toilet, tile walls, vanities, sinks, mirrors

  • 2)Detail services include maid service for interior surfaces mostly.

vacuum cleanerALL ROOMS: Take down, and clean light fixtures and air vents. Special attention to baseboards, corners, and all “dust bunnies” hiding in overlooked places
KITCHEN: Clean inside all drawers and cupboards. Thoroughly clean inside appliances and the refrigerator as requested
BATHROOMS: Clean inside all drawers and cabinets

  • 3)Windows cleaning.

AS REQUIRED: Inside and outside, upstairs and downstairs (1-story only). Screens removed, cleaned and replaced as requested. Mini blinds removed, scrubbed and replaced as requested

  • 4)Other services.

Laundry services (using onsite facilities)
Carpet and upholstery cleaning
Exterior cleaning (patios, decks and porches)

Needless to say, you might also need commercial janitorial service. Well, we offer that too. It doesn’t matter to us whether you need residential or commercial cleaning. CleaningA-Maid-Zing can do it all for you at affordable prices.

We often hear from our customers in Beverly Hills, CA and the surrounding areas, that they are very pleased with our house cleaning. Some of them even go further than that, and say they will recommend our company to all their friends. We think that this is the biggest advertisement for our janitorial service, and it gives us the motivation to continue providing you with top quality cleaning. You just need to contact us, and we will gladly provide you with more information about them.

When you sum up all those facts, you can be sure you have found the perfect janitorial cleaning company in Beverly Hills, CA and the surrounding areas. Here at A-Maid-Zing, we will provide you not only with perfect service, we will provide you with great attitude! So don’t hesitate to call us, if you would like to make an appointment, or if you have questions about our services. Remember that A-Maid-Zing is the perfect janitorial cleaning company for your needs in Beverly Hills, CA!

Make an appointment for top quality cleaning at: (310) 504-2238

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